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Our History



As we celebrate this 92nd year, we pause to remember all those who preceded us.  Some we remember vividly; others we never knew.  But this House of God would not be standing today without their vision, sacrifices, faithfulness, and service given in an effort to promote the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The pastors, the ministers, the deacons, the trustees, the mothers, the choirs that served, the Sunday School teachers, the missionaries; their work continues in us today.

”Unto him be glory by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen” Ephesians 3:21


Roster of MNHC Pastors

Elder Margaret Polk                                   1926-1932

Elder Matilda Cottman                              1932-1933

Elder George Pennock                               1933

Elder Minnie Stith                                      1933-1934

Elder Peter D. Bell                                      1934-1935

Elder Edith Bond                                        1935

Elder Ester J. Rumble                                 1936-1937

Elder James Bagley                                     1937-1950

Bishop Amy B. Stevens                              1950-1966

Bishop William Caldwell                           1966-1975

Elder William Roane                                  1975-1978

Elder Joanna Harris                                    1978-1987

Bishop D. Elaine Harris                             1987-2016

Elder Frankie M. Woodle                          2016-Present

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